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Our vision

“At the heart of more heroes is the idea of making continuing education and training as motivating and flexible as possible. Our offer aims to create lasting learning success and actively helps learners to integrate new knowledge into their daily work routine.
With our ready-to-use solutions, learners can get started immediately, without any fuss. Whether for managers, salespeople or employees, more heroes offers the suitable solution for any target group.

Do you want to adjust our courses to your education needs? No problem! Our vision for more heroes is to keep optimizing our trainings together with our clients. This way, we aim to create a comprehensive digital training portfolio – for continuing education that’s fun!”

Laura Müller
Product Manager of more heroes

Origin & didactic concept

The story of more heroes

The idea for the project was born at the beginning of the pandemic when it became clear what impact COVID and the related cancellation of classroom events in the field of (further) education had on companies and learners. Therefore, we wanted to create a way to train flexibly, effectively and, above all, sustainably. The training concept of more heroes is based on several levels and was developed and implemented by experts from the respective areas.

Together we defined the relevant topics, created storyboards, wrote scripts, defined learning objectives and worked out the structure of the programs. In addition, our media team developed the design for more heroes, created and finalized the layouts.

The result: Professional technical input, varied learning controls, and a comprehensive practical transfer for immediate and sustainable success – implemented in a modern and innovative design.

As a final step, we at more heroes offer a multi-stage transfer evaluation based on the Kirkpatrick evaluation model. This supports the learner in self-reflection and helps anchor what has been learned in everyday life for implementing it permanently.

At more heroes, training does not stop once the transfer of knowledge is achieved but continues and is anchored in everyday life so that sustainable success is guaranteed.

Curious to know more?

Then we are happy to answer any further questions about more heroes and advise you on your training package!