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You want successful salespeople and satisfied customers?

Then more heroes is just the place for you. With our didactic concept and efficient online training, we increase the persuasiveness of your salespeople. Feel the success through increased closing rates and a boost in sales!

Compact contents, useful tools, practical transfers and a final transfer evaluation – all combined in one training program! This makes training more efficient & easier than ever before!

Training overview

Book the complete program ” Successful selling in retail” or create your individual training package. All pieces of training are based on our 3-step concept: input nugget, learning check and practical transfer. Optionally, you can also book a final transfer evaluation to measure success.

In this course, your employees will learn

  • why it is so essential to make customers feel welcome
  • to use specific examples to describe how to approach customers with positive body language and appropriate phrases
  • why small talk is so important and how to make small talk with customers
  • to create a pleasant sales atmosphere

In this course, your employees will learn

  • why it is so important to ask customers open-ended questions during the needs assessment process
  • to identify “closed questions” and rephrase them into “open questions”
  • why you should justify questions to customers to demonstrate customer benefits
  • what the benefits are of justifying questions to customers in advance
  • why listening carefully is the basis for asking more in-depth questions to determine customer needs
  • why it is important and how to mirror customer needs in sales talk

how to successfully apply the 3-step method in product presentation

  • how to successfully apply the 3-step method in product presentation
  • why it is important to mention only relevant product features and benefits
  • how to translate product features into individual customer benefits

In this course, your employees will learn to

  • explain with an example why cross selling is essential both for customers and salespersons (win-win situation)
  • give precise examples that fit as possible cross selling offers to one of their main items
  • successfully apply the “Success Formula for Cross Selling” (4 steps)
  • convince customers in their daily practice

In this course, your employees will learn

  • why it is essential to see their customers’ objections as an opportunity and to go into objection handling with a positive attitude
  • to name the three steps of objection handling
  • why they should first accept and show understanding for their customers’ objection before handling it
  • to describe and successfully apply various objection handling techniques

In this course, your employees will learn

  • why it is important to pay attention and watch for buying signals from customers
  • to name typical closing or buying signals from customers
  • to apply the pre-closing technique
  • to formulate closed questions, lead customers up the “yes“ ladder and confidently ask closing questions
  • to list closing helpers and give examples
  • to name and successfully apply the steps necessary to make a positive last impression on their customers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You have further questions? Please take a look at our FAQs. Your question is not listed? Then feel free to contact us.

Our training courses can also be booked individually or combined as a customized program.

Of course, you can also select courses from different programs (e.g. Leadership and Retail). If you are not quite sure which courses best match your needs, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to advise you.

Our training program deals with the contents in a universal way and gives examples from different industries, e.g. textile, electronics, household appliances, multimedia, drugstore & perfumery etc. It is therefore suitable for all industries in sales. For further insights, please contact us.

Yes, the online training is created in responsive design and accessible via browsers and mobile devices. This means that the online training can also be completed on the sales floor or on the go. more heroes is available 24/7 so that training can be done flexibly at any time.

Yes. If you use a learning platform in the company, we provide you with the training via an LTI interface.

Your employees log in to your learning platform and then access our content – without having to log in or register separately.

Yes, more heroes complies with all requirements of the GDPR. For more detailed information, please contact us.